Living by the coast area brings the joy of breathtaking views and a refreshing breeze, but it also presents unique environmental challenges for homeowners, especially when it comes to selecting the right materials for outdoor spaces. Capped composite decking is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for coastal homeowners due to its durability, beauty, and low maintenance requirements. This type of decking offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal solution for areas that face harsh weather conditions, high humidity, and saltwater exposure.

Why Capped Composite Decking Is Ideal for Coastal Areas?   

Feature Benefit
Durability Capped composite decking boasts a protective outer layer that shields the core from the elements. The protective cap enhances the deck’s resistance to fading, staining, scratching, salt spray, and UV rays.
Low Maintenance Require minimal upkeep. Simply give it a quick wash with soap and water to maintain its appearance.
Superior Moisture Resistance The protective cap on capped composite decking provides enhanced protection against moisture absorption, ideal for humid coastal climates.
Mold and Mildew Resistance Capped composite decking is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. The outside cap prevents the growth of these common issues, ensuring a clean and healthy outdoor environment.
UV Resistance Enhanced protection against fading and color changes due to sunlight exposure.
Aesthetics Appeal Available in a variety of colors and textures to mimic the natural beauty of wood without its drawbacks.
Eco-Friendly Made from recycled wood flour and recycled plastic, making it an environmentally friendly product

Comparing Capped Composite to Other Decking Materials

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Wood Decking Classic look, natural warmth Require extensive maintenance, prone to weathering, especially in coastal climates
PVC Decking Moisture and rot resistant Lack the natural wood-like appearance that many homeowners desire, limited color options compared to capped composite decking
ASA Decking Extremely strong, resists fading, ideal for harsh climates Most expensive option
Aluminum Decking Extremely durable and weather-resistant High cost, industrial look makes it less popular for residential use

When compared, capped composite decking stands out for providing the best balance of durability, beauty, and cost-effectiveness. It’s durable like PVC and ASA, but it looks more like natural wood and is often more affordable than those high-end options. Furthermore, its eco-friendly composition caters to environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable decking options.

Bongywood Capped Composite Decking

Bongywood capped composite decking features an innovative design where an advanced tough plastic shield encasing all four sides around its inner WPC core. This shield and core are seamlessly integrated through a high temperature co-extrusion process, so there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This environmental friendly approach ensures a durable and sustainable decking solution. 


  • – Better resist to scratch;
  • – Better resist to UV, better color stability;
  • – Better resist to moisture and termites;
  • – Richer color and more variation;
  • – Extreme durability and reliable, last a long time;
  • – Never need sanding, staining, or refinishing, it is real low maintenance.



Coastal Landscapes with Bongywood Capped Composite Decking

At Bongywood, we had numerous opportunities to showcase our capped composite decking in a variety of coastal projects, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. These success stories serve as a testament to the material’s ability to withstand harsh coastal climates while maintaining its beauty and integrity over time.


Coastal Projects with Bongwood Capped Composite Decking

Positive growth.

From winding boardwalks meandering along rocky coastlines to circular platforms overlooking the vast expanse of the sea, integrating seamlessly with the natural landscape. Our capped composite decking has proven its versatility in enhancing outdoor spaces.

The contrast between the red color hues of the boardwalk and the blue green tones of the water creates a visually appealing scene. We are proud to contribute to projects that not only enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces but also stand the test of time and elements.


Coastal Plank Road with Bongwood Capped Composite Decking

This coastal plank road, a winding path leading down to a serene beach, it crafted from Bongywood Capped Composite Decking. This decking withstands the harsh coastal climate while maintaining its beauty and integrity over time. The inviting path evokes a sense of relaxation and leisure, perfectly capturing the essence of a coastal destination.

Bongywood Capped Composite Decking proved its utility in enhancing outdoor spaces. More importantly, it showed it resilience in withstanding the harsh marine environment. This real-world application is a testament to the durability and versatility of our products.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Coastal Living with Capped Composite Decking

Whether you’re building a new deck or replacing an old one, capped composite decking is the ideal choice for coastal areas. Its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal make it the perfect complement to your beachfront home. Enjoy the beauty of the coast with a deck that stands the test of time against the harsh coastal elements.

Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite

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