Although the main function of the fence and wall is to increase the security and privacy of the house, have you ever thought that they can also be part of the decoration?

In the past, your fence choices were wood or metal. Today, your choices are much wider, with composite and vinyl fencing now part of the range. Each has its advantages and drawbacks which you should consider before making a decision on which fencing to install.

Wood Fencing

Natural wood is always used as fence, but should bear in mind—–Water proof and regular maintenance can’t be neglected! 

Wood Fencing has a limited life which depends on the maintenance. Decomposing wood is vulnerable to fungus and dry root. When wood dries, it fades, cracks and warps.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is light and durable, and match the garden design well, but it will cost more than wood fence. And color fading and mildew are two problems you may get with vinyl fencing. Strong sunlight over the years will change the vinyl’s color.

Bongywood Composite Fencing

Bongywood Composite Fencing is a sustainable material, Approx. 90% Recycled materials, produced of recycle wood fiber and recycle plastic, which is a green energy saving & environmental protection product. Composite Fencing is highly versatile and available in a number of styles, sizes and colors so that you can match any aesthetic pleasing.

Bongywood Composite Fencing requires little maintenance

Bongywood Composite Fencing, the composite material is non- toxic chemicals or preservatives. And it is no painting or staining required, low maintenance.

When cleaning is needed, composite fence material can be gently scrubbed with soap and water or sprayed with a hose. Even when harsh weather conditions hit, the fencing will not be harmed. To maintain an appealing look, painting or sealing is not necessary, so you get a wonderful balance between durability and beauty.

Hot-sale Privacy Composite Fencing

Bongywood Privacy Composite Fencing is a type of fencing made from a combination of wood fiber and plastic. It offers a low-maintenance, durable fencing solution that doesn’t require painting or staining. Compared to traditional wood fencing, composite fencing is more resistant to rot, insects, and warping. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s aesthetic.

Bongywood Fast Install Privacy Composite Fencing


If  you’re considering a fencing solution that combines the best of both worlds – durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal – we invite you to explore Bongywood WPC, our products offer a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood fencing. Explore our range of Bongywood WPC materials for your fencing project, and feel free to contact us for more information, expert guidance, or any inquiries. Let us assist you in creating your ideal outdoor living space.

Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite

Guangdong Bangying New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) materials, our products include composite decking, capped composite decking, WPC Wall Panel, WPC Railing & Fencing, WPC Pergola & Gazebo, WPC Chairs & Bench, WPC Flower Planter Pots, etc.


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