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Decking is one of the important parts in construction projects and especially in the ones where there is a significant outdoor area to be dealt. If you are already in construction business or just planning to start a small scale construction or landscaping business, it is important to update your knowledge and skills as per the trending technologies and methods.

Composite decking is rapidly becoming popular in the outdoors as it is eco-friendly in nature and helps to save forests as only recycled materials are used to manufacture these products.

Typically, decking boards are made from wood. However, recently, the increasing use of composite decking boards is compelling small and large businesses to consider offering this option.

More Insight of the Product

Composite decking involves the use of decking materials that are made from sustainable products. These boards can be constructed from a combination of resin and wood and, in some cases, a mixture of cellulose materials. The main feature of these types of decking materials is the fact that they are human-made.

Here are some pros of this form of decking:

  • – It is equally, if not more attractive, than the traditional methods of decking.
  • – These materials are accessible and are easy to maintain. This means that all you have to do is clean it semi-annually by – spraying using a hose.
  • – They are non-destructive to the environment (eco-friendly).
  • – It also does not hurt that is; it is highly durable. This advantage is supported by the fact that the materials are resistant to such damaging effects like rot and corrosion.
  • – They are also resistant to mould and insects.
  • – The materials are also desirable since they are impervious to stains and are resistant to fading. This means that the contents are easy to clean and can also retain their colour for longer than the latter.
  • – Installing a deck that is made from sustainable materials is also very easy.
  • – Additionally, these materials are impervious to splinters, warping, as well as twisting.

One of the main disadvantages of this form of decking is the fact that it is more costly.


Installing a composite deck is in many ways similar to installing traditional decking boards. The first step of the installation process is collecting the necessary equipment. These tools include a drill or driver, circular and jigsaw, tape measure, hammer, sledgehammer, a putty knife, framing square, end nippers, and a chalk line.

Once you have all the necessary equipment, the next step would be to measure the deck before proceeding to cut the first decking plank. Once you have the measurements, you can now cut the plant using a circular or power mitre saw. You can also opt to use a jigsaw if you need to cut a hole into the plank to create a downspout.

The next step would be to set the plank onto the deck using a putty knife. Having done this, you can now proceed to measure the first deck board and make sure that it is parallel to the outer edge of the deck. You then need to fasten the board to the corners that are closest to the house by using screws. Make sure to install a hidden fastener on the side of the plank and use a plastic tapping block and a hammer to drive the spikes in.

Using a driver, drive the screws inside each fastener and the joists. Once this is done, you can proceed to cut the second decking plant right after measuring the lengths against the hidden fasteners situated in the initial plank. After fastening the planks, continue to lay the planks across the deck until you reach the outer end of the deck, where you install the last plank.


Fitting is one of the essential aspects of constructing a deck of any kind. A qualified decking fitter performs the task of the fitting.

How to Become a Qualified Composite Decking Boards Fitter

One of the primary skills you need as a professional decking fitter is that you must possess vast knowledge of the process of decking. This means that you should know how to pick the tools used in installation and fitting and know how to use the tools. There are several types of tools used in deck installation and fitting. As a professional fitter, you need to know the difference between the devices and how to pick the most suitable.

As a professional fitter, you also need to know how to fit and cut the boards without necessarily causing any form of damage to the boards. In addition to measuring the boards and cutting them to the right measurements, the work of a fitter is also to measure the size of the crews and ensure that they fit in the boards.

As a professional decking fitter, you also need to ensure that you are conversant with the art in such a way that you know how to blend the measurements of the different planks in different sizes.

One of the benefits of decking that most people are not aware of is the fact that it is easy to fit due to its simplicity. Manufacturers of these products make sure that they are easy to cut and install.

Factors That Contractors Consider When Hiring a Decking Fitter

  • -The experience and know-how of the art and industry
  • -The cost of the services
  • -Some contractors may go as far as to analyse previous works done by the fitter
  • -The flexibility factors are also an important consideration.

Bottom Line

As the industry of decking keeps gaining popularity, more manufacturers are dealing with sustainable decking boards. These factors make it hard for buyers to make the right choice. The main factor that buyers consider when making a choice is the quality of the material.


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