In the garden, the most beautiful scenery should be on the Pergola

Plant rattans climb up the pergola, full of blooming flowers,

Place yourself among them,

Enjoy the breeze,

Enjoy the spots of sun shine all over the body,

Nothing could be more ordinary ,

But enjoy so relaxed……

A pergola, full of life

A quiet, full of joy……

Bongywood WPC Pergola

The life span of wood is limited when it is used in outdoor applications. The wooden timber has to be seasoned treated and apply oils. Both softwood and exotic wood will fade, peel, split and create splinters over time.

Bongywood WPC Pergola, a superior alternative to wood, which are a superior material that combines the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of a polymer. As an alternative to natural timber, our products offer the aesthetic of natural timber and the benefits of long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, it could be easily cut, drill, screwed.

  • Apperance of natural wood, but less timber problems.
  • Easy to install with low labor cost.
  • No painting or staining required, low maintenance.
  • Resistant to moisture, rot and termites.
  • Resistant to temperatures between –40°C to 60 °C.
  • High impact resistant, durable quality.
  • Non- toxic chemicals or preservatives.
  • Environmental friendly, saving forest resources!

Bongywood Composite Pergola

For villas, gardens, colony plots, restaurants, tea posts, road side refreshment areas, Pergolas are becoming favorite because of its woody look. Made with wood flour and HDPE with different surfaces like “sanded” or “brushed” or “embossed wood grain”, WPC pergolas are perfect replacement of conventional wooden structures.


Simple fresh

Arch-shaped design

Arch-shaped WPC Pergola is also Bongywood’s big advantage.

Creative Design

Residential Terrace

Modern Design