People are more and more yearning for the natural landscape, a short tour can’t meet people’s desire, so they dream to take nature back home and create their own garden. Gardens can be big and small, it can be on your balcony, roof, in any corner of your home.

Even if can’t go shopping, can’t travel, we can also plant flowers and greens, read books, drink tea, and spend dinner time with family in our own garden.

Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite

No matter terrace or balcony, many worry that terrace is so good-looking, if exposed to the sun or rain for a long time, how to do? The life span of wood is limited when it is used in outdoor applications. You have to treat your wooden decking or pergola repeatedly and apply oils. Both softwood and exotic wood will fade, peel, split and create splinters over time.

WPC known as Wood Plastic Composite are a superior material that combines the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of a polymer, which is widely applied in the construction of terrace and balcony.

Bongywood WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a green energy saving & environmental protection product, which is mixed the wood flour and high performance modified plastics with special additives to make our high performance wood plastic composite materials. As an alternative to natural timber, our WPC products offer the aesthetic of natural timber and the benefits of long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

  • – Appearance of natural wood, but less timber problems;
  • – Easy to install with low labor cost;
  • – No painting or staining required, low maintenance;
  • – Resistant to moisture, rot and termites;
  • – Resistant to temperatures between –40°C to 60 °C;
  • – High impact resistant, durable quality;
  • – Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking;
  • – Non- toxic chemicals or preservatives;
  • – Environmental friendly, saving forest resources!

Terrace Garden

Away from the world noisy, terrace garden with deck on the roof is a good place to enjoy the leisure time.

Bongywood 3D Embossing WPC Decking with the deep wood grain pattern on our lumber mimics the beauty of natural wood and resists to moisture, rot & termites etc, while a wide spectrum of natural colours lets you create the perfect deck to complement your outdoor space.

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Find a quiet place to rest in the noisy city, though the terrace garden in roof is not very big, but we can enjoy the scenery and appreciate the city at a new level.

Bongywood Capped Composite Decking applies an extra coating film out of WPC decking board to enhance greater durability and strength, makes more outstanding features and superiors products quality.

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As the sun sets, the terrace garden on the roof is a natural and relaxing place to enjoy the daily sunset. A beautiful gazebo is not only a good decoration, but also a good place to shade from the sun and rain.

Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite Gazebo looks like wood but the performance is far more superior than wood as it is with high density, water & termites & decay resistant. Furthermore, it could be easily cut, drill, screwed. Optimal structural design and appropriate accessories, we also provide flexible design proposals.

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To build the tub on the terrace garden of the roof, overlooking the sea, lying in the rose bathtub, enjoying the sun shower, being close to the nature. It is absolutely the paradise of enjoyment.

Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite decking is a superior material for outdoor decorative materials that does not rot, warp, or splinter.It offer the aesthetic of natural timber and the benefits of long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

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The terrace can’t leave the ornament of the flower plant pots. Greenery appears in the garden, remaining green throughout the year and full of vigor.

The moisture and water resistance of  wood plastic composite materials make them an ideal material for planters. The boards come in many colors to complement your deck and garden deco and they never need painting.

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Balcony Garden

The balcony regards the closest place with nature, it is not only satisfied the demand to bask clothings, grow flowers and greens, but also add a carefree fun to life.

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Bongywood Quick Deck Tile is an eco-friendly co-extrusion composite deck tile, comprised of natural wood grains and interlocking base for a quick and easy installation.

The innovative interlocking deck tile was designed to be used by anyone from DIY beginners to veteran builders looking for a gorgeous, easy to install deck.

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Bongywood Wood Plastic Composite

If you’re considering a decking solution that combines the best of both worlds – durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal – we invite you to explore Bongywood WPC, our products offer a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood decking. Explore our range of Bongywood WPC materials for your decking project, and feel free to contact us for more information, expert guidance, or any inquiries. Let us assist you in creating your ideal outdoor living space.

Guangdong Bangying New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) materials, our products include composite decking, capped composite decking, WPC Wall Panel, WPC Railing & Fencing, WPC Pergola & Gazebo, WPC Chairs & Bench, WPC Flower Planter Pots, etc.


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